The Perfect Memento – Silver Fingerprint Jewellery

Established by a mother of 2 forced to create her own jewellery designs because she couldnt discover what she wanted, offers a refreshing alternative in bespoke jewellery. Looking for a unique gift? If thus make to be beguiled by the bespoke silver fingerprint jewellery offered by the modern kid found on the block in handcrafted jewellery, Jacqueline, owner of Whimsy Silver. Jacqueline opened the doorways of her fresh url, , a brief whilst ago considering the shortage of choice of truly original and inspiring fingerprint jewellery frustrated her. We asked her to elaborate on this plus this might be what she had to state. My interest inside fingerprint jewellery is quite selfish absolutely. When my son was born I was eager to capture his fingerprint about a pendant. I couldnt discover anything unique enough so I decided to make my own. Thus Whimsy Silver was born. Just what is Silver Fingerprint Jewellery? The expression pertains to a silver item such as a pendant or charm which has an impression of the fingerprint about it. Although many fingerprint jewellery contains a childs print, products incorporating adults prints are becoming extremely common. In truth, Whimsy Silvers best marketing piece at when is a novel twist found on the traditional family tree. It consists of the fine-silver fingerprint bird representing each associate of the family; mum, father and junior/s, all perching happily on a pen and ink branch. Every small bird is shaped by hand plus stamped with an initial thus that folks learn who is that. Another trend inside the marketplace that Whimsy Silver is actively encouraging with their unique designs is the growing fashion for mens fingerprint jewellery. Long gone are the days whenever wearing jewellery was the prerogative of women and pirates! Having the imprint of his childs tiny fingerprint woven into the shape of a pendant or charm offers even the most macho of men the excuse to wear a piece of jewellery. And, if a pendant is maybe going a bit too far for some men, Jacqueline has a range of masculine designs that even the most diehard guy might discover acceptable. Jacqueline claims which her designs, which incorporate a amount of shapes and embellishments including birthstones, provide proud parents not just a gorgeous piece of jewellery however a cherished memento of their child that they can take with them wherever they go.


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