India S Silver Jewellery Exports Fell 42% Y Y In March, Gold Exports Up 19% – Shanghai Metals Market

651.43 Crore) inside March 2014 whilst its gold jewellery exports picked up greatly by 18.99% year-on-year to $992.03 million, in accordance with the latest information introduced by the Gems plus Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC). According to GJEPC, country’s cut and polished diamond exports in March reached $1,571.44 million, dropping 24.99% over the previous year. The countrys export of Coloured Gemstones plunged by 50.74% from $50.63 million in March 2013 to $24.94 million inside March 2014. The exports of Pearls staged a rebound to $0.63 million from $0.29 million a year ago. The exports of Synthetic stones witnessed sharp rise of 221.80% from $2.34 million inside March 2013 to $7.53 million inside March 2014. India’s gold medallions & coin exports was reduced to almost half, dropping sharply to $250.92 million (Rs.1,530.89 Crore). The export of Rough diamond within the nation dropped 8.01% inside March. The total exports of Rough diamonds during the month totaled $183.77 million (Rs. 1,121.20 Crore). In short, the figures released by the countrys Export Promotion Council demonstrate robust growth in exports of Gold Jewellery, while a sharp decline inside exports of Silver Jewellery, Gold Medallions plus Coins during March 14.
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