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Solid Gold Jewelry Find out how much cash your gold, silver, jewelry plus coins are value to we and we will pay you in cash. Many clients have been surprised and thrilled by the amount cash they’ve received. That is why Solid Gold Jewelry Always Gives We A Sweet Deal. Below are several helpful dos plus don’ts of Gold & Silver Purchasing and Selling. Dos: 1. Always keep a valuables locked or in a protection deposit box. 2. Get a list of your valuables plus receipts. 3. Consistently check your Jewelry for a used or loose Diamond or Gems, Etc. 4. Have an detailed pic of the jewelry or coins completed by you or perhaps a specialist. Don’ts: 1. Do not sell to any 1 over the phone. 2. Do not sell at a 3-5 day Hotel Gold & Silver Buying Events. 3. Do not sell at a Flea Market. 4. Do not sell to someone that knocks at the door.
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India s Silver Jewellery exports surged 75% throughout FY ?14: GJEPC – Shanghai Metals Market

8,798.89 Crore) throughout the period from Apr 13 to Mar 14 when its gold jewellery tumbled by 32.99% year-on-year to $7,869.70 Million, in accordance with all the latest data released by the Gems plus Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC). According to GJEPC, country’s cut and refined diamond exports throughout the past fiscal year reached $19,635.04 Million, surging high by 25.47% over the past year. The countrys export of Coloured Gemstones declined by 11.08% from $653.02 Million throughout Apr 12 to Mar 13 to $519.47 Million during Apr 13 to Mar 14. The exports of Pearls virtually doubled to $9.84 Million from $4.79 Million a year ago. The exports of Synthetic stones too witnessed sharp rise of 53% from $51.98 Million during previous fiscal to $79.44 Million in FY 14. India’s gold medallions & coin exports witnessed sharp cut, dropping to $3,176.22 Million (Rs.19,203.58 Crore). The export of Rough diamond within the nation jumped 11.19% during the fiscal. The total exports of Rough diamonds throughout FY 14 totaled $1,584.33 Million (Rs. 9,553.12 Crore). In brief, the figures released by the countrys Export Promotion Council demonstrate robust development inside exports of Silver Jewellery, whereas a sharp decline in exports of Gold Jewellery, Gold Medallions and Coins throughout the twelve month period from April 2013 to March 2014.
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