Victims of £70,000 theft found ring on Edinburgh jeweller’s finger

This is interesting story carried by a few Scottish newspapers today.  Apparantly, the victums of a jewellery theft totalling £70,000 had taken it upon theirselves to try and try the stolen jewellery and when they did, who have guessed this outcome….

The victims decided to visit other jewellers in Edinburgh to see if they recognised any items for sale.

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The victims of a £70,000 jewellery theft were “left stunned” when they walked into a jewellery shop and found the owner wearing one of their stolen rings after launching a search to trace their stolen possessions.

Mark McGrorty and Brian Richardson are now facing jail terms after they confessed to selling jewellery taken in a raid on a £2m country house in Fife.

According to The Courier, the jewellery was taken from a safe at the property in July 2014.

Some five months later a jeweller in Edinburgh contacted police because he believed that some jewellery he had recently bought may have been stolen.

It subsequently emerged that Richardson had walked into the Joseph Bonnar Jeweller’s store in Edinburgh’s Thistle Street and sold a pair of Opal earrings, a necklace and two aquamarine earrings for a total of £1,400.

He also provided his own full name and address as he carried out his scheme in full view of the shop’s CCTV.

According to the report, police informed the victims of the theft of the discovery, who decided to visit other jewellers’ shops to see if they could find any more stolen goods.

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Imagine that!